Need to Find Out More About a Property?

Turn to us for four-point inspections in the Hickory & Raleigh, NC area

Whether your institution is foreclosing on a home or you're an investor looking at a property, you'll need an inspection. Work with a team that completes the inspection process according to industry standards. Convenient Home Inspections, LLC offers four-point inspections in Hickory, Raleigh, NC and the surrounding area.

Arrange for a four-point home inspection today.

What does this inspection cover?

Like any 4-point home inspection, our company's process covers the most essential parts of a property. We'll examine:


trust us to check for leaks and structural damage


our team will look for hidden plumbing issues

HVAC equipment

find out the age and condition of the equipment

Electrical work

we'll figure out if the electrical work is up to code

If you need a 4-point inspection for a specific property, call us today at 952-913-4347.